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כפתור סטיקי מובייל


  • Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Great innovation requires a team of experts coming together towards a common goal, which is what our brand-new facility, Title-4, is all about. Our team has years of experience building sophisticated facilities in Israel and abroad. With a constant focus on security and safety, we've leveraged a range of combined skills to ensure that the standards set by the TITAN-4 facility make a one-of-a-kind project for the region.


With a total of 70 entrepreneurial projects already completed, our founding members have a background in complex construction, real estate, cloud architecture, data engineering, and data center facility management. Now, they're taking that know-how and applying it to the TITAN-4.



  • Our Values

Our Values

Dedication & Expertise: Our goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind that their data is hosted in the best possible infrastructure and protected from all threats now, and in the future.


Quality: Techtonic is committed to providing a cutting-edge data hosting facility to its customers. With a TIER-IV certification for planning and construction, dual power system configuration for continuous uptime, and advanced energy efficiency capabilities, we’re dedicated to raising the bar for data center standards in Israel.


Customer Centric: Techtonic understands the needs of tech companies and prioritizes transparency and availability, allowing customers to view the facility's status and transfer teams in case of an emergency. The company also offers professional and efficient services through its experienced construction and operation teams.


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